Support Cabling

Support cabling is also one of many services we can provide.  When a tree has many large or small leads coming from the main trunk, a cable can be installed to help support that lead.  If their is a lead going over a structure, pool, walkway, or anything important to you, we can support that lead instead of removing it. Some trees are known to have weak crotches. These are the trees we would recommend to add a supporting cable to.

Certified In Crane Removals

All of our climbers took a class on removing trees with a large crane.  Not all trees need a crane, but if it does require one we are skilled in using one.  We work with professional crane operators that have many years of experience.  When we are on your property, your mind can be at ease.  There are many advantages to using a crane such as keeping our workers safe, and no damage to your lawn/ driveway.  Our goal is to have your property looking better than it ever has.

Tree Pruning

First, a representative will come to your home and listen to how you would like your trees to look. Then we will recommend what is the safest, healthiest way to get your trees back to good health.  Our trained climbers will go through your trees and remove all dead wood.  Small dead wood is considered to be 1" to 3" where the large dead wood is considered 3" and above. Thinning of a tree is removing unneeded branches from the canopy of your tree allowing air flow through them so your tree has less of a chance to have branches break. This process also lets the trees grow stronger and healthier.  We also raise the branch level, which means the lowest branches of tree remove for clearance. This will improve the view of your house, yard, and many other reasons.  Crown reduction is the safest way to help keep that nice natural tree shape.  

Large and Small Removals

Removals are trees that have rotten, or non- safe signs to the base or up in the canopy of a tree.  Maybe it's just a nuisance tree, near a pool, too close to a structure, or the tree has roots pushing up sidewalks or driveways. Maybe you just want something different in that same spot, we can make it happen.

Our Services

Brush piles

Do you have a pile of fallen branches around your property?  We can remove that for you.  We can remove old brush or new, wood chunks, and debris that can be recycled into mulch. 

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Ornamental Pruning

Ornamental pruning applies to small, delicate trees or shrubs that you may have in your landscape.  Our job is to know how to prune your trees/shrubs and not to prune small, delicate plant life in your yard.  If you have questions, any of our trained workers will be able to assist if our representative is not on the job site.  From shaping, to thinning, to dead wooding, to hedge trimming, we have the equipment to get the job done.

Professional tree care at affordable prices

Wood from Removals

When removing a tree, there is almost always firewood available.  We can either remove all wood, cut the wood to a desired length, remove large wood, or leave small wood.  Anything that you ask or request, we will do anything we can to make you satisfied. 

24 Hour Service

In case of an emergency, we are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Just call 215-767-8758.  If we don't answer just leave a message and someone will call you back as soon as possible. We look forward to your call.